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Juice for Your Health

In fact, there are just three main reasons why we have to have vegetable and fruit juicing. First is to allow us to absorb all the available nutrients, which can be found on vegetables and fruits. Secondly, to allow us to consume the optimum amount of fruits and vegetables efficiently. And finally, to let us have add variations of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. If not only me, perhaps all of us believed that the benefits we can take out from juices made by commercial juicer are the main factors why we acquire energetic life and radiant and optimal health.

The idea of cooking, as well as processing the foods can have a chance that the micronutrients in the vegetables are destroyed, as their shape and chemical compositions are altered. In our advanced nutritional level, you should avoid all of the processed foods, so you will only eat organic fruits and vegetables, unless otherwise not possible. While you can juice the fruits, if you certainly have a high blood pressure, overweight, diabetic, or higher cholesterol, it is perhaps best to put limit on using fruits until you have normalized your conditions. The exception for this would be lime and lemons.

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